Slow Love (night version) Lyrics

Let me love you as long as the birds keep singing along

[Verse 1]
I need to get out
Please show me your town at night
Collide this seaming sky with your firework
Gonna have some fun and maybe
I'm gonna let you hold me for a while
You said girl you drive me crazy
Come with me to a place where the music plays

[Bridge x2]
Why is the rhythm always making me high?
It's harder to resist you, you get stuck in my mind
Why does the rhythm always make me go far?
Why does it stop when you're right here by my side?

[Verse 2]
We walk through the crowd
I can walk for hours with your hand in mine
Collide this starry night with your fireworks
Gonna dance all night and maybe
I'm gonna tell you how I've been feeling lately
Boy you make me wild and crazy
Take me home, take me home
While the time is right
[Bridge x2]
[Hook x2]
[Bridge x2]
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