Throw Your Hands Up (interlude) Lyrics

(lil kim)

yo this the queen b
and i came to say a little sumthing
on my girl missy s***
now see i got sumthing to say
thats right i got a problem
i got a problem wit all yall m****f***ers out there
that got a problem wit us calling ourselves a b****
yeah thats right i said it m****f***er b**** wat
ya see b**** is a strong word
and only strong b****** can use that m****f***en terminology
i mean if u cant wear the name
then dont try to use it
throw ur hands up if u like to get high
make a phat beet so we can party all night
if u got beef u gotta take it outside
throw ur wrists up and lemme see ur ice shine
(repeat 1 more time)
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