Mommy Lyrics

Please stand up!
In 2005 the industry will be p**** whipped
It won't be easy!
They like mommy with the cute face, can I get a date
Mommy got a cute shape, mommy make em wait
Papi havin trouble trying to keep up the pace
Mommy got the faith I let my p**** be the bait
Mommy got the good s*** that really good s***
The type of chick you get with that really good s***
Mommy got them n***** goin crazy for the a**
Call me fast, make a dash, get a n**** for his cash
Mommy knock an buck wit a quick upper cut
Mommy sport shelltoes I put my nikes up
I use to dress be -boy now I dress girlie
Wake up real early wit my braids lookin curly
Mommy let 'em know who she is what she 'bout,
Yea she 'bout money mommy turning n***** out
Mommy got bills, cars sit on big wheels
In the club mommy chill while them haters ice grill

Mommy cute rock Fendi suites
Mommy fresh these my real breast
Mommy s** cause mommy grown, mommy be that good s*** at home
Mommy mommy mommy mommy, d*** mommy roll like armies
Mommy a** like a Cadillac, mommy give em heart attacks
They call me lil mama lookin big in my Hummer
Mama on the corner, lil mama be a stunna
Fly to the hummer quick faster then a runner
Foot on the gas - ruuuuuum hender gunna
Mommy look good yea mommy look right
Mommy stay hood mommy be yo type
Mommy get excited mommy ask you to b*** it
Mommy know you like it tell papi don't fight it
Capital M.O.M.M.Y
Mommy got a pus take any chick guy
Mommy gotta deal, mommy spit s*** real
Mommy give em chills when she wear high heels
Mommy get the money, get the money, get the money
Mommy find a man who can go an get it for me
Mommy look fresh and respect me sweats
Stay best dressed showin off my breast

Mommy get the money, get the money get the money

Yea mommy get buck like whoa lil mama,
Back it up like whoa lil mama, once she shake it
Like whoa lil mama, she get naked like hold up mama
Mommy be a freak mommy let the world know
Mommy want em to lick her from her head to her toe
If papi say no then lil papi gotta go
If he broke no no mommy kick him out the car

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