It's Real Lyrics

Yeah, ohhh-ohh
Yeaahhh, yeaaa
I love you more then my mouth can say
I'll take a flight to Kingston, any place
Just to be in yo face
From New York City to Japan
I'll be there ba-by
Just call my phone and I'll come flying
On the next plane to you
Never worry 'cause I'm ya woman
And I promise ba-by
I promise you will be my man

'Cause baby it's real (real)
So real (so real)
Can't you tell by the look in my face, yeah
Oh baby it's real (it's real)
So real (so real)
I hope your feeling the same
'Cause baby it's real
I'll follow you right to the moon
It could happen yeah
Just so we can be close as cousins
With my heart out to you
I love you more then words can offer
Pay attention ba-by
I hope this never ends my lover

I don't want to spend a day without you
I don't get tired of being by you
I don't care bout the things about you
Boy it's real

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