Something I Would Die For Lyrics

Why don't you like me the way I am, it's something I don't understand
Cause still you need me when I go, yeah you've lost it need my flow
What's the reason for this stress, we're stuck don't need all this mess
I know you watch me from where you stand, I hope you catch me when I land
I swear, I hope you care
It's something I would die for,
It's something I would die for...

Why don't you feel it the way I can, I'm stuck in the way I am
Life is upside down you scream, it's not ok living in a dream
Why don't you like me the way I am, all this tension is in your hand
Why do I need you the way I do?
Well, you're someone I would die for
You're someone I would die for...
You're someone that I care for
When you know that I don't dare more
It's something I would die for

What's the problem you can't complain
You loosen up but you feel the strain
It's ok to be on your own
If you choose to be alone
Come on down, break free and live
It's not my problem, it's what you give
You're out of focus, can't comprehend
I know it's up to you, I'm feeling blue
So what ya gonna do?
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