Feeling So Blue Lyrics

Yo listen up here's a story
About a little guy that lives in a blue world
And all day and all night and everything he sees
Is just blue like him inside and outside
Blue is his house with a blue little window
And a blue corvette
And everything is blue for him and hisself
And everybody around
Cos he ain't got nobody to listen to

I'm blue da ba dee da ba die...

She's the most beautiful girl I've ever seen.
She controls me, trols me, trols me.
I wanna have her but she's out of my league.
I feel lonely, lonely, lonely.
I keep holdin on.
Hopin that one day she'll fall in love with me.
I gotta be strong.
Deep down inside I know that we'll never be.
I'm blue da ba dee da ba die...

I'm feelin low feelin down.
Feelin left out in the crowd.
I'm feelin blue uh-oh.
The sun is out not a cloud.
Still the rain keeps pouring down.
I can't break through uh-oh.
Cause when you left me.
Out in the cold.
I was so lonely my heart froze.
An now I can't see.
Where life is gone.
I don't know what to do.
And its all cuz of you.
I'm blue da ba dee da ba die...

I'm blue da ba dee da ba die...

I'm blue (da ba dee da ba die)
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