iF U C Kate Lyrics

First time I saw her she was standing in line
Holding a book about compatible sings
I should have talked to her
I should have tried
But I was breathless by the look in her eyes
She introduced herself as Kate and I replied
It's nice to meet you it was love at first sight
I got excited
I lost my mind
I lost her number that read let's have a good time

If U C Kate
Tell her that I'm looking for her
She's so fine
That girls been on my mind

I saw her friend that was in line that day
I had to tell her how I felt about Kate, she said
Put her out your mind
Or stand in love
I've seen her do this to men
A thousand times
She had a rep for spreading all her love around
And everywhere she went, Kate drew a crowd
It don't bother me
That's what I said
'Cause I can't seem to get that girl out of my head

[Chorus] x2
Girl you're a star
Shining like the sun
Whisper in my ear
You broaden my horizon

Stay with me and let's make it the longest day
Pour yourself into my mouth I love the way you taste
Pull you in tight
It feels so right
Girl I just wanna be the one
To take you to heaven tonight

[Chorus] x3
Tom: If you see kate, take me to the moonlight, let me love ya, take me to the´╗┐ moonlight
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