Ghosts Lyrics

There's a ghost in my bedroom
It haunts me at night
I've asked him to leave but he keeps stopping by
Just when I think that I'm alone
It shows up again with a friend this time and now this is getting old
Don't know what to do
(Don't know what to do)
Metaphorically, this ghost is you
Now this ghost in my bedroom it gives me advice
He promised one day that he'd teach me to fly
Now that I think that I'm alone
He comes my way with a Devil's smile
Singing, This is now my home
You're my wish come true
When you reach that golden cloud, I'll be there with you

If there were monsters in the closet,
Well, I don't think I would be surprised
I hear him call out from my window
They try and trick me to come outside
(I won't let you down)
We talked all day
I can't tell if he's real or a made up version of her again
Never alone 'cause I've got you
Get this out of my head
No, I won't waste away my life
On to something new
If there's only one way out, I'll come back for you

If I get stuck out there forever,
Tell everyone that I said goodbye
My life a list of wishes that I could bring you back
But we don't belong here, now

If he stays, well that just means I've got numbered days
'Til I go back to my little world where it's just me and my imaginary

So go out, love, find a new direction
And hold my heart keep your full protection
Don't get stuck on your way
The other side's a scary place
Do your best not to be afraid
Lose it all when we run away
Letting go of the little things you know I do
(There's a ghost in my bedroom, Ah)
And he's dying to meet you
God knows he's heard all about you
I guess he's friendly enough, though
(There's a ghost in my bedroom, Ah)
I see him always taking roses in your bed
Says he won't let you down
He won't, he won't, he won't

(There's a ghost in my bedroom, Ah)
(There's a ghost in my bedroom, Ah)
(There's a ghost in my bedroom, Ah)
(There's a ghost in my bedroom, Ah)
(There's a ghost in my bedroom, Ah)
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