In the Background Lyrics

Yes I am the boy,
Who once worshipped you.
As you seemed to destroy the ground beneath you.
No more am I,
A part of the cyde,
Or the boy who once worshipped you.
They don't know,
Cause they don't know you like I do,
You say you're back now and you,

You say you want me,
I don't believe you.
Cause I'm on track now.
You're in the background.
You say you want me,
Do you really?
I don't believe you,
Nor do I need you,
Cause you're in The Background.
You're in The Background.
Yes I know you've travelled,
Over seas and rivers.
But you can not come back now for there are no bridges.
There's a trail of sorrow,
That you revealed to,
The eyes of a boy,
Who once worshipped you.
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