Feel Right Lyrics

[Bruno Mars:]
Ladies and gentleman, give it up for Mystikal

Calling all cars in here for the Prince of the South
f*** that yabba-dabba-doo s***, b****, I just got out
Still rapping, slapping kittens and grabbing my c***
I'm the artist, the godfather, still hard as a rock
You gon f*** around and make me knock your fruit juice loose
Ya banana, ya watermelon and pomegranate too
Rhyming kung-fu that split bamboo
Crowd rockin', ain't no stopping that rapping a** fool
I been bad, bruh, whatcha getting mad for?
I'm a have to f*** you up
I eat flames up
s*** fire out
Don't make me light my b***

Excuse me, who me?
I got a lot of groupies
Oughta have a f****** doghouse like Snoopy
Curtains go up
It's going down
Tear that thing out the frame
Like my band

Come on, come on

[Chorus x2:]
Feel right in this m***********
Feel good in this m***********
My whole hood in this m***********
And we gon' rock this m***********
(All night)
And we gon' rock this m***********
(All night)
And we gon' rock this m***********
(All night)

Mystikal, don't hurt 'em now

Grabbing at my pants, she trying to pull it out my pocket
Don't yank on the m*********** so hard, you're gonna pull it out the socket
It's exercise with thighs and hip muscles
Next exercise, we gon' burn some lip muscles
Let the music work your ear muscles
And if you're skinny then use your little muscles
Bag back or tea bag with these duffles
Pow pow get smash when we hustle
When the last time you have a knuckle sandwich, huh?
The last time a n**** had a foot so far up your a** you couldn't handle it?
You can't stand it
To make matters worse you gotta go to the studio with Bruno Mars on another planet
Don't get mad, I'm just saying
Don't believe it cause I'm saying it, b****
Believe it cause I'm telling you
I'm doing the rapping and bussing
Ronson on the scratchin' and cuttin'

Get down
Wait a minute now
Give it to them on the one

This the intermission
I'll break it down so you n***** listen
Take a second to wipe my sweat
Might be the only chance you get to catch your breath
Don't get too comfortable in here
n***** know I'm bringing back the rumble in here
Just when you thought you could cool down and sip some of that water
A n**** back
Say it again


[Bruno Mars:]
Ladies and gentlemen, one more time
Put your hands together for Mystikal
Don't it feel good?
Ain't he making us feel good tonight?
Thank you Mr. Ronson for bringing us together this evening
We gon' go ahead and head over to the after party
We'll see y'all uptown
Come on
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