Letter to the Censors Lyrics

Daddy's a m************
& mummy turns tricks
Your sister is a brother
& your brother's suckin' d***S
I'm walkin' on the
Railroad tracks

Your sister had the blueballs
Your daddy had the pox
Your mummy had the singles
All around her b***** c***

I'm walking on the
Railroad tracks.
This is a letter
To the censors

Wapadoo wapadoo
Wapadoo Hoohoo!
Wapadoo Hoohoo!

Your father is a panzy
Your mother was no cherry
Oh lord how could it be
Such a beautiful baby?
Your daddy's way to the top
Such a pratical cop
Your mummy was a stoolie
One day she'll be shot

You're walkin' on the

I'm walkin' on the
Railroad tracks
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