Get Down & Slide Lyrics

Maybe you and I can celebrate life with something new
Talk to me all the things that you want me to do with something new

Pre Chorus:
Mystical move on the floor
Now what are you waiting for to get it on
(I wait for something good)
We donnt need no invitaion
Step into new dimention
Free fantasize
(You got me going on all night)

DJ play my favorite song
But I"d rather not to dance if it"s not with you
nothing else can turn me on
only you can do
so baby come on down
come come on get down with
come come on come on slide with me

Now that you and I can free our mind in life with something good
Come to me and we"ll do all the things we want in life with something new
Pre chorus

You can hide the fire burning in your eyes
I see it shines so bright
To light up the magical love all night
You don"t have to stop till you get enough
And I"ll be by your side
Cause we"re celebrating life
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The Beginning of a Beautiful Life (2010)