Renegades Lyrics

So when the darkness falls
We'll be out there riding
Waiting for that call
And finding out where you are hiding
So when the phone rings
My mission's getting started
I'm like a crooked cupid
I'm a collector of all the brokenhearted

We are the ones
The ones that make things go away
We are the ones
The ones that bill, make sure you pay
We are the ones
Driving in a minute late
We are the ones
They call us renegades
They call us renegades, renegades
They call us renegades
Covered eyes
And now you don't wanna fight us
'Cause even when in doubt
It's already decided
I gotta move higher
I can make you sleep forever
So when the place arrives
I wish you all the best
Even better, so good night until never
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