Gimpin' Lyrics

Mi puta, This what its all about huh, f****** and sucking
You piece of trash, Every gimp like you needs a pimp like me ok
You get on that f****** block and you make my money you piece of trash
Make my money right now, you get on that street and you look good
And you work good and you suck good ok
Dressed to impress like I'm slinging them birds
Put a b**** on pimp arrest as she keep her eyes to the curb
These ho's we don't need em, we let the welfare feed em
Hustlas pimp hoes for p**** let them fake bustas eat em
Mr. Kane, Mr. Magic, dog a b**** quick
Hit that trick from the back and let her suck my brother d***
We don't sweat these hoes, we let these hoes
Find em, f*** em, duck em and forget these hoes
I need fresh money everyday b**** have my cash
Try to short game or run game get shot in the a**
Understand you da hoe and I'm the pimp
All paper comes to me, see you the gimp
Put some stretchmarks on that p**** and f*** till you limp
When the sun goes down you gonna do it again

I started off two hoes on the block for me
Now its two hundred hoes wanna shop with me

Chorus: (Magic, Kane & Abel)

Look, I got a proposition every gimp needs a pimp
If you about gimpin' then we about pimpin
(repeat 4x)

(Big Ed)
It ain't nothing like black p**** on my d***
My tank dawgs said never put my faith in a b****
All females ain't hoes, I love the ladies
But gimps get tag team freaks in backseats of jeeps
I'm that big d*** n**** drivin up ya street
Big d*** n**** got em going mouth to me
I'll hit ya in ya grill hole if you want it there
I'll even watch you eat your girl's p**** I dont care
I'll hit you from the back, slap your a** and pull your hair
Wrap around rub your c*** through your pubic hairs
Women call me the a**assin cause they know I'm gone kill it
I f*** your p**** so hard I make ya momma feel it
Now where the gimps, I slam em like Shawn Kemp
I guess I'm a born pimp cause I never eat it, still I complete it
My name Mac so m************ know where my game at
I f*** em and duck, give em wrong numbers and what
Camouflage love all night making you moan
Yeah I get mine and I'm gone but I gotta go finish my song
Look you ain't gotta go home but you gotta leave
Now straighten up your weave
And call me soon as you make it to your crib please
And I'm gone give you a beep next time I want to creep
Wouldn't give a f*** if you sleep, wake up and greet its me
I like them thug girls yall can have them pretty hoes
Them giddy hoes aint good for nothing but videos

Chorus 4x
No disrespecting my sisters, I'm disrespecting you b******
Scandalous hoes sucking and f****** for a n****'s riches
Keep your hands out my pockets ho cause I'm a pimp
You can't play this f****** player thats why I treat you like a gimp
You ain't nothing but a f*** or two
So if you ain't got no cash then I really dont want your a**
I'm bout bigger and f****** better
If you really want me then bring the cheddar
And I promise you that you'll never need another fellow
Treat ya like daddy but be sure to call me Magic
And if I ever catch you stashing, girl I'm gone let you have
When a n**** call you, call me and I decide (hmmm...)
Whether this n**** deserves the p****...trust me
Sign your name on the dotted line and if you ever need this n****
Just call me I aint hard to find

Chorus 4x

What you don't get it or something...
No limit carry nothing but pimps and m************ players.
Know what I'm saying. Tell em twin.
n**** these hoes like busses.
You miss one you just catch another one ya heard me.
Is that your p**** or is a catchers mitt?
Suck a d*** b****.
Ol' stanky uncomfortable scallywag trifling a** ho.
Hoes don't mean nothing to us.
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