My Language Lyrics

This is my language

Check it out, ya
The risk of blunderin' to rep in front of a couple a hundred kids knowin' my licks is humblin'
Spit the struggle of an addict to puff in them swisher split but the light that was lit, I quickly run from it
I turn away from that source inside, a slicker for happiness, thinkin' I need a store to buy it
Recordin's priceless but look at how important ice is
I thought rhymin was forever now it's imported diamonds
My point is eyein', music that's absorbed my life an'
You glorify guns, they bust s** and drugs of course they'll try it
And I can't even front like I didn't, cause I still do and that's why I'm spittin'.
I'm lookin' for this thing called moderation that I heard some found
The only problem with drugs is sometimes you gotta come down
I lived half my life numb and bud drowned and rum, vodka how many bucks 'ave I spent on dubstyle
I'm 23, look at my lungs now, the amount of THC from the swish of sweet blunt count?
I can't even conceive, that's why I run wild. In these streets like I was 13, like f*** now
I make that revolution music. But not for the army, A reminder against the vices that harm me
'Cause I could... never see how affected my lung is, you only get one shot at life, no ad-libs or punch ins
This is my language

Nah, nah,
My mom once told me that we're not finished products, homie, authors of a book, and the object is to write it slowly
This is my last 16, I'll go for it. Four years in college and this is all I have to show for it
I said, this is my last song, so here's my passion, 18 tracks, each one an attempt to take my mask off
Woo! The oral tradition's been passed on, while she ride the rhythm to the points that I'm a blast off
Hah, And as the music absorbs through me to be like don p. to be hearin' beats from my dorm room
XP! It's been a joy and blessin', my boy till my death and my step-cousin with voice from heaven
Yes, Budo! It was you who produced through, I am connected and now our friendship is the truth, dude
My last two, hafranoon [?] to acourse [?], I dedicate it to you, but this album's already yours, c'mon,
This is my language

I'm proud to say this is my language
I'm out
That's it
The language of my world
It's been a long journey, and a struggle indeed, and I'm so glad that it's over
Thank you for listening
Until next time
Peace and blessings
This is my language
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