The Acid Song Lyrics

I had not taken acid for twelve years
But one night last summer I did
I was adrift in a bar room
Acting like a jerk and a kid
I knew we were asking for trouble
Trouble was what we would get
Five of us dropped in the girl's room
Sacadilicised insane quintet

Well that bathroom got crowded in no time
Our minds were all blown in one flash
Everyone in there got ugly
We exited out of there fast

Back in the bar we were happy(No problem, feeling great)
Back in the bar we were fine
Till Johnny turned into a n***
And Mary threw up all her wine

Well in no time we all were ejected
Soon we were out on the street
The sidewalk began to perspire
We had glass and dog s*** at our feet

We went over to Mary's apartment
To listen to the Grateful Dead
On the way there we lost Johnny
He had opted for Bellevue instead
Well I'm really glad we did this, it feels great. Just like the old days, I love this.
I know my hair's on fire, it's like incense or something
You know, your face is melting
It is, it's all the colours of the rainbow

Hey you wanna hold some fruit?
C'mon hold some fruit
It breeds, it really does
Have a cantaloupe, c'mon
Ah, no I dunno where the Donovan tape is

Well I had to get out of that city
Bobby was bringing me down
Me and my darling young Susie
Said so long and drove out of town

Driving on acid is easy
Driving on acid's a breeze
Just keep the car on the highway
DonÕt laugh and don't fart and donÕt sneeze
Oh we got to my house in the country
In the country man
The trees were all throbbing andÉ green
Susie was sure she had cancer
I was sure I was James Dean

We went down the lake to go swimming
CÕmon letÕs try it out
Down to the lake for a swim
Susie said 'water cures cancer'
I asked her to please call me Jim

Yes acid is usually dangerous
The mild-mannered can quickly turn mean
Lsd can surely derange us
Unless you possess Thorazine

So next time you wanna go out there
When you feel like feeding your head
Think twice before dropping acid
Hold out for mushrooms instead!
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