Why Are You Leaving Lyrics

Tell me why are you leaving
When there`s no place to go
What`s this secret you`r keeping
You don`t want me to know
Only ...... defending
'Cause the truth stands by itselves
It`s time for honesty
I can see - there`s someone else

When the dawn breaks tomorow
Will your whole life been changed
Are you sure all the sorrow
Won`t just flood back again
Some strange dream you`ve been chasing
It`s just another rainbow`s end
You won't find it there - not anywhere
So why pretend

Tell me why are you leaving
For the things that you know
If it`s dreams you believe in
Just how far can you go
If you leave, what`s the answer
Perhaps some other side-effect
Won't you change your mind
Take some time - and I`ll be there
(I`ll be there)
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