Paradise Lyrics

Verse 1
I was alone and lonely
Always tryin' to find someone
To come and fill this empty heart
Suddenly you came into my life and i
Realized you're what i've been searchin' for
Let's put faith in love and make a brand new start

Pre chorus
(don't cha know that)
Now is the perfect time for love
So open you're heart to me
Together we can sail across the seas of love
To a place we call ecstasy
(girl so)

Come with me to my paradise
We'll make love until the mornin' light
Come with me to my secret world
A world i share with no other girl (yeah)
(no other girl but you baby)
Verse 2
So girl won't you take my offer
And come with me to paradise
So i can fulfill your every need

Away from the world just you and me
In my secret hideaway
We will live all our fantasies
Pre chorus

Chorus (2x)

You make me feel so good
Uh uh c'mon!
Drop this bass, get up
I know you gonna dig this
You make me feel so good
Uh uh, bring the noise
Drop this bass, 4 3 2 1
Just come with me to paradise
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