Oz Theme 2000 Lyrics

[Talib Kweli]

For all my people who got someone locked down right now
f*** it, this for everyone locked down right now, f*** it

Help me out, Lord Jamar, Talib Kweli, Kool G Rap

[Kool G. Rap]

From the street blocks, to c-blocks, sleep in a box

Creep with an ox, got beef in the shop, got beef with the cops

Sharp blade keep in the crotch, prison guards deep on the watch

Fifth stare people'll drop, if it ease not then we peeping it pops

Even though they not speaking a lot,

the plot ease drop, greasing a cop

Come to shove meat in your chops, flee the spot, sheets in a knot

Get tied from your feet to the top, you caught in the hall,

make blood skeet with a mop

If you doing shift in the kitchen blood'll leak in the pot,

Just a long game of sheep and the fox

Phone time, beef for your slot, the s***'ll make you weep in your coot

Mayors get messy y'all, n**** get shanked up in the chest he fall

Pressed against the wall, got the best of y'all,

stitch from neck to b****

Skin cut flesh and all, stretched out unless you balled,

nothing s**y at all

The life destiny wall, hope the Lord bless when he call,

Stand like a man or be a Debbie in core, heavier

they come heavier from n**** to w****

Be a predator, dead in the morgue, a spread in the log

[Chorus 2X: Talib Kweli]

In the prison, industrial complex

You got taxes, politics, jobs death

Gross stun it, cold blooded, dark and heartless
From the pyramids down to the projects

[Lord Jamar a.k.a Supreme Allah]

What do it take, vandal try to escape

I got a homemade shank, wrap the handle with tape

Better move quick fast, I got a trick for your a**

n***** in my clique stick d*** to your a**

So we don't give a f*** trying to make time past

Here eat it up feed a n**** fine glass

Got jail house wine in the stash,

Every time the caf?serve swine yo I tell I pass

Do like Beecher did to Shillinger and s*** on your a**

You the feature when I'm killing ya, hit on your a**

Supreme Allah said we got time to kill

So when it's time to kill, we got time to kill

In the yard with the guards when its time to build

And time is hard got to use my wills

See s*** has changed every since they killed Adebisi

You never know n***** might try to grease me

[Talib Kweli]

The image that we pro-ject is still God

Time to reflect but the reflection is hard

Like sticking mirrors out between the bars, seeing the guards

Seem like everybody innocent regardless of the charge

You face death, rape threats, and place bets,

on who getting laced next

Forever faceless never waste breathe

Blowing out the candles that the wind already snuffed out

They locked up your body your mind could bust out

Police don't sweep to get the dust out

They want your name in the system,

My need to mention the death penalty as legal lynching

People listen, they got teenagers up in the line up

To fill the new facility they built they need the crime up

Please, the war on drugs is really war on the youth

War on the people, war on the truth

The violent crimes rise,

the silent dies as sirens cry through the night

People fight for what's left and not what's right


[Talib Kweli]

Word is bond

[Goes into a Augustus Hill on Oz skit]
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