All Eyes on You Lyrics

Twenty seconds century princess
New pants is under a glass eye
over earnest broadcast
the promotion in the city state in the positive
the promotion of the very rich, is a normal state
the denial of warcraft, phone bugging, optic kidnapping
essential business, fixing the inbalance
board defense corporations
unsustainable ripples
deals that are get done
deals that will get done
factory complex, cheap clothes
the markup
Little girls and boys with little hands
Not usefull for long
Alltech, disappointing lunches
Dramatic change
The volume is down because the demand is up
Turn the volume up, please
we are in a access
Where would i like to write
deal it character¨
results just in,
clamping down
fearlessly winning
to much is to much
All eyes on you
Get lose in a ultra-connected state
Feeling lonely? Let the cycle go around again!
phone book per nine
Detain is releast
Protecting identities
a septic cleanse
The silence, the absence, the proof
in oblivion
Little girl, oxydently room
The present listed in her phonecalls
at certain extant
a strange relationships
my alias, spy my peak
Loving traitors, loving rageors, conversation...
a better life
trapped in the revolt
"Is this flashing really working?"
Maybe there is a lot more...
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