In the Year 2525 (Ural 13 Diktators remix) Lyrics

In The Year 2525,
If Man Is Still Alive,
If Woman Can Survive,They May Find,
In the Year 3535,
Aint Gonna Need To Tell The Truth,Tell No Lies,Everything You Think,Do And Say,
Is In The Pill You Took Today,
In The Year 4545,
Aint Gonna Need Your Teeth Nor Eyes,
You Wont Find A Thing To Do,Nobodies Gonna Look At You,
In The Year 5555,
Your Arms Are Hanging Limp At Your Side,Your Legs Got Nothing To Do,Some Machine Is Doing That For You,
In The Year 6565,
Aint Gonna Need A Husband Nor Wife,Youll Pick your Son,
Pick Your Daughter Too,
From The Bottom Of A Long Glass Tube,
In The Year 7510, If Qiyamat Is coming,It Might Come By Then,Allah Will One Day Say,YES Its Time For The Judgement Day,
In The Year 8510,All Will Be In Front Of Allah,And Everyone Will Have Their Say,
In The Year 9595,No One Earth May Be Alive,For Man Took Everything Allah Gave And He Put Back Nothing,
In The Year 2525,
If Man Is Still Alive,...............................
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