Cold at Night Lyrics

Turn away, the bad things will change
The pain will go away, look and see the filth
The tears don't wash away, a closet closed
Your mother's voice is gone, no hand to hold
Live for yourself, come back, rebuild
A life with meaning, dark are the corners of the world
Their world, do not run where God does not
Follow 'round in circles, disappearing when the time does fit
To trade this place for different names
Warmth will come with time, my child
A light is seen, just follow and you'll see the day
Let it wash your hands, so you may feel the truth about yourself

And where you stand you hear a voice, your own again
Turn around, cry for help, no one will turn away
But reach out in empathy to catch the tears
You wear a mask in jest, it amplifies
For all to see the horror of this place
You think can be your home, the filth is not your own
It can still be the way it was, don't cry but try
It will still be the way it was, don't cry but try
It is still just the way it was, don't cry but try

And see the hills dissolve and let it die
The warmth will always drive away the cold of night
The lonely face, the sickness can be changed
With faith in something other than despair
You've made for yourself the freedom that you want
Comes with a price to pay in spirit, see the hand
And live the words we ?
Write a line to condemn those with nothing left to hide

Inside twisted everything I feel
Points to something else day by day
No one cares
Reality is a circle never left
Alone to make things right
Alone to make things right
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