Girls Lyrics

[Verse 1: Kid Cudi]
I'm single in the streets 'bout to get it in
Talking bout some drinking and some mingling (woh)
Can't believe what I'm seeing, man, all these girls, look (Right), look (Right)
Hmm, they got me caught y'all, I just wanna make her feel hot
Let me smell your sin girl d*** you look (Right) so (Right)
No groupies, see a blonde girl with a brunette
See a n**** cruising in the red benz
That's a one, two, double up, triple up
So many surprises oh so many colors and sizes
Love them, I want them, they need me
I'm rolling, coasting

I see pretty girls everywhere I go
Every, everywhere I go, every, everywhere I go
So many colors and sizes, so many surprises

[Verse 2: Kid Cudi]
Guess what
A n**** turnt up
All the windows closed for the roast up
Club club letting out feelin post up
All I need is somebody to fly with and smoke this tree
Down for doing acid
Slim up on that waist, but that a** fit
Let me feel your skin on mine unwind speak whats on your mind
And tell me somethin that moves me
Seen all types, different continents
Nothing more intriguing than an accent
That's a one, two, double up, get it up
So many surprises, so many colors and sizes
Love it (mmh) they're so dope, they're so dope
We're all rolling, coasting

[Verse 3: Too $hort]
When you live like me you get used to fun
There's an endless supply of the beautiful ones
Open up those exotic thighs
The baddest little b**** half-Black, half-Thai
Don"t be prejudiced, cause she"s mixed
I'd still f*** the blackest b****
That's how it is if you in my world
Light skin, white momma you a white girl
And I got that fever
And a big thick you know what I wanna feed her
Met a girl named Maria, its your turn, I love them señoritas
I like to f*** 'em, then I say f*** 'em
Lil momma can get a little something
OG Too Short don't stop
All the pretty girls call me Todd

They love me

[Too $hort]
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