Good Goes the Bye Lyrics

They say Rome wasn't built in a day
But you and I went and built it anyway
And it only took a second to watch it all fall to dust
I thought you hung up the moon
And you thought I lit up the room
But the lights turned off and it was the end of us
Slam goes the door
Hush goes the phone
Out goes the flame
And I'm standing here alone
Burn goes the drink
Down go the tears
Drip goes the sink
And I'm missing you like hell
Break goes the heart
Wrong goes the right
Good goes the bye
It's like we pulled the pin out of a grenade
It just didn't go off right away
But man did it go off when it finally did
Everything's suddenly magnified
It's loud and it's quiet at the same time
As the echo of it's all over sets in

I can't go back, we can't be friends
And we can't be what we were then
You can't be mine, and I can't be yours
And it's not love anymore

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