VIP Lyrics

There ain't no scene in the V.I.P for me
No it ain't no scene for me x2

Verse 1:
He's paying for your vodka
You're using what you got
Doesn't really want'cha
But you dont stop
Cuz' this is what you're here for
and everyone can see
(why) this is the place to be

No...way..naw..its not me
not right, i wanna get rowdy tonight
and this sucks, yeah..its f***** up
Ur making me sick uh
I hate to say it but..

There aint no scene in the V.I.P for me
So you can take your class, shake your a**
And drown in that martini
Cuz there aint no scene in the V.I.P for me
Its understood, that you're all too good
This s*** is crazy
Verse 2:
Everybodys someone
No-ones got a clue
Flush a couple dollars
And who are you?
Judge a little closer
All roped up in red (surprise, surprise)
You wanna get me in bed


V.I.P, V.I.P (cant you smell the s**?)
V.I.P, V.I.P (who ya gunna get?)
V.I.P, V.I.P (aint no scene for me)
V.I.P, V.I.P (this s*** is crazy)

I wanna get down, down to get dirty
Sick of this scene, it doesn't deserve me.
Oh, theres gotta be somewhere else to go
Cuz' I wanna get off, get a bit trashy
Wanna get hot, get a bit nasty
Uh oh.. lets go-oh-oh


V.I.P, V.I.P
V.I.P, V.I.P
V.I.P, V.I.P
V.I.P, V.I.P
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