That's the Way Lyrics

Woah, oh, oh...

Slow your loving up
Slow your loving down
Love gaining
Not losing ground

No worry, no hurry
Take your sweet time, baby
Dabble dally, shilly shally
Slow down this aint
A race car rally

Bit by bit
Inch by inch
Cool your heels
We`re hanging fire

That`s the way
That`s the way
That`s our love
In slow motion
That`s the way
Like the way
That`s your love
In slow motion
Woah, oh oh....

Strolling when we walk
Whisper when we talk
Grass growing right up
Under our feet

Oh, stay, lover
Delay, lover
Take a little more
Time with me


Slow down
Greased lightning
Make love gentle
Not frightening
Deep down devotion
That`s our love
In slow motion, yeah

Oh, yeah

Lighten up and
Lay your rocket down
Little by little
Not in leaps and bounds

Ride an anchor
Resting on your oars
A little laissez-fair, honey
More, more, more, more


Woah, oh, oh...
Oh, yeah
Woah, oh, oh....
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