Marcheta Lyrics

Marcheta, Marcheta, I love you.

Marcheta, Marcheta, I still hear you calling me
Back to your arms once again.
I still feel the spell of your last kiss upon me
Since then life has all been in vain.
All has been sadness without you, Marcheta.
Each day finds me lonesome and blue, so blue.
My poor heart is broken, I want you, Marcheta,
I need you, Marcheta, I do
[Instrumental Interlude]

Marcheta, Marcheta, in dreams I can see you,
Your sweet face with love all aglow.
In your voice like soft music, still echoes around me
As in the old days, long ago.

Come back, come back here. Without you, Marcheta,
Then life, once more joyful, will be.
The world's sad and lonely and sunless, Marcheta,
Your love was life's sunshine to me.
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