Visions Lyrics

With visions thoughts were drownin, as if the world stopped turnin intrusions spinning in my head. I stood there for a moment and gazed into the sky , exploding visions in my eyes... revelation yeah! Is this eternity? Hypnotized by its perfection reveals its resolution. What is this color in my mind? mesmerized by this illusion, now I'm in deep confusion, burnin and yearnin, my head is turning, a ray of ^%$#@! light shining down on me... I try to shut my eyes from this blindin vision but there's no way coz this is no delusion. Theres something here we got to do, brothers and sisters lets start anew. Should I follow now in disbelief questioning myself to find relief burnin and yearnin my head is turnin, a ray of ^%$#@! light shinin down on me.
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Kapatid (2003)
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