Refugee Lyrics

In darkness you are walking in a world you're all alone
In a search for freedom very far away
You've been shaken by brutality and driven from your home
By an evil that will never go away
Every moment you're surrounded by the sheer insanity
When the nightly terror knocks upon your door
And you know the time has come to leave your family and flee
But the thought of leaving chills you to the core

God please, please protect the children
And put her on a path where she'll be free
Give solace to her fate with all her innocence
And give sanctuary to this refugee
After months of pain and crying you arrive where you believe
You'll feel the comfort of a helping hand
But they close your eyes to freedom and they're forcing you to stay
In a dark world you could never understand

Oh, what's become of us
Is it right to hide our heads within the sand
Oh, what's become of us
Are we so blind that we can't understand
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