Out in the Streets Lyrics

Please allow me, please allow me
please allow to re-introduce myself
I'm gonna talk to the lord, ask him to be good to me,
make them chords cry for me,
you can ask about the french rap mogul that took the game by storm grossed
a couple of millions and got the f*** back home
they called me million dollar boy, i was 20 years old
they name me golden kid since i'm since i'm 11 years old,
after a milion albums sold they just callme K now
and i'm about to upgrade so i can triple my pay now
watch me as i pile up away from the stratus
i own everything i do under my ceo status
so understand that if you hear about mefor the first time
i am not at my first rhyme abd i am not at my first prime
and yes i'm far from my first crime, but i'm writing what i'm living
so if i'm new to you get out there and tell them
that i'm coming
the world is ... out in the streets

Rappers hate me, but business loves me
i took more from the game than the players wanted to give me
i'm an organized striker and i follow my flair
i banked a lot whether you like it or not you think that i care
in every venture i'm in, and every dollar i spend,
i'm hands on just to make sure i'll be a more powerful man,
get the money first right, then you'll do the talking
well that's exactly what i did, so let me do my walking
welcome to my world ladies and gentlemen this is history
the first ever french rapper that can switch it so fashionably
it's just that vibe that i'm in, maybe the style that i'm in,
might be the reason for all this love that i'm getting
and i will keep up the hustle for all these kids that are watching
that saw me coming from nowhere they can relate what they're singing
along the good things is that we're just getting started,
spread the world around you, the K mania departed
The world is ... out in the streets
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