If You Pick THese Flowers Lyrics

Well I have seen that look there in you eyes
And I know it oh so very well
It's natural to wanna' hold so, close so tight
But, I have learned all too well...
If you pick these flowers, they can't grow
They can't grow any longer.
If you leave them in the garden,
They will know you have shown
A love more beautiful.

Of course it's great to go and shine your light
And fill your world with lovin'
But too much of anything's just not right
Just like oh sun can burn (oh).

Listen, the prophet say to love and love eternally
But make not a bond, rather a moving sea
He say now drink you both from the cup of love
But let it not be out of the same cup
He say to be just like the strings upon the lute (oh)
They sit alone but quiver to the same music
He say to stand together but not too close
See the cypress tree and oak grown not in each others shadow
(No No)

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