Deal With the Devil Lyrics

Forged in the Black Country
Under blood red skies
We all had our dream to realise
Driving in that transit
Down to Holy Joe's
Used to lose our head while metal flowed
Nothing held us back or dared to try
Something in our blood won't let us die
We built our world of metal watched it grow
Fuelled the fury solid to the bone

Gotta deal with the devil
'Cause you know that's it's real
Done a deal with the devil
From a heart made of steel
Rollin' down the M-Way
Took it to the smoke
Banging heads there 'til we all went broke
When we don the leather
And the whips and chains
Nothing matters more, we can't be tamed
Fighting through the din and accolades
Turn the phase around with razor blades
Watched the movement grow into one voice
Took on the whole world it had no choice
Late at night
You're in our sight
Where we can feel what we've been waiting for
Let me hear you roar
On this stage, let it rage
For a time we leave the world behind
To be with our own kind
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