Soul of the Wind Lyrics

Trust me I know what is real
Feel me I am your song
Darkness people fading time
Strangers blind in the light
I smell the earth after the fire
Burning the rain away from my inner pain
Swirling through the ashes of my broken dreams
Picking up the pieces of my lost memory

Never found what I was looking for in this world of fools
There are too many people
Making too many rules
Now the shade has fallen across the land
Hear madness whisper inside the lonely man
I sweep the forest like the silvery moon
And I'm a dancing fairy on glades of flowers in bloom
But I can be a hurricane to kill the flame
Sending waves without warning
Shameless I rule the game... yeah

Let it come let it come
I bring you storm and then I'm gone
It's the soul of the wind
Another time is blowing in
There's a new day dawning... oh
The soul of the wind
Roaming the city where angels die
See the blue light lady
Wandering the streets of crime
And the wolves are waiting to seal her fate
Just another night cry
Yeah and now it's too late

It's the soul of the wind
Another time is blowing in
For the soul of the wind
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