Cancer Demon Lyrics

You fought the evil but it grew inside you
The pain was twisting you could feel the death
Still you found the strength to comfort all your loved ones
And till your final breath your heart was giving... and then oblivion
You suffered from the poison pushing through your veins
They say the treatment might delay the end
Eating from the inside so tactical and calculating
Cancer demon born to burn in hell

The consequence of circumstance
Your life goes by just like a glance
As you dream this world goodbye
No time to think of answers
Only one more question dances
In your toxicated mind
Stop that legion the cancer demon

Like acid to the blood
The poison eats to kill
You see it in the mirror
Decay against your will
Stare into the eyes of truth
The dark shall close the day
The past has been a pleasure cruise
That sank along the way
Stop that legion the cancer demon

If we don't take the time to learn
And listen to the signs
We burn our candles in both ends
The cyclus of desease repeats again
Who's next our family or friends
We'll never know

Stop that legion
The cancer demon
Cut the pain and let it die
It's better dead than the cry...why
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