Firefly Lyrics

As we live our lives like... a flicker of star light
On these battle fields... the smell of death is real

In fear of attack in a night cold and black
Show me where I can run...
Where no one carries a gun
The enemy lines I'm now caught behind
Favor neither a side...
Show me a place I can hide... This firefly

Try to understand this
War wasn't in my plans... no
The fight for freedom and liberty
Will go on indefinitely... I know
My Life, my home is where I belong
Tell me why must this be
An unsolved mystery
Lives have been lost, who's adding the cost
Broken families, left only with memories of fireflies

Now we're facing annihilation, the end to all we know
Devastation soon replacing the end to all we grow
Can't they see their power and greed
Is sure to doom us all
They won't rest, now all that's left
Is for the world to fall
Now I can see my opponent's as scared as me
I know he feels inside all those things we try to hide

The fighting must cease for the world to have peace
Live and let live I believe
See what it's like to be free
You may just find that somewhere in time

Together we all will be
To live out eternity... as fireflies
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