China Lyrics

China - Your eyes say something wild tonight
China - Do you know what I feel inside?
China - Silver skies are like your smile
China - Evenin' tide says stay awhile
Wait for the light of the mornin' star
The world is turnin' and here we are
Soon you'll see what the stars are for
They shine above they light the way to love

China - Nothin' in the city means as much to me
China - Than singin' here beside you beneath the trees
China - I look at you can this be true
China - I'm standing in a dream
Sleep like a child when the nights are warm
Deep in the darkness your dreams are born
When you awaken your dreams take form
They shine above, they light the way to love

China - Floating on the sea like a crystal ball
China - First you're here and then you're gone
China - You're everything and you're nothin' at all
China - The evening tide says stay a while, stay a while
This song is for China
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