Let Him Heal Your Heart Lyrics

Who can know the heartache you are feeling deep in side?
Who can know the burdens you've carried all your life.
Darkness fills the daylight and the road is much too long.
Where are heaven's answers and the strength to carry on?
When the night is lonely and your pride and fear depart.
When the tears have fallen and the questions fill your heart.
Think of how He loves you, how He longs to bring you home.
Reach out for His guidance.

He has walked your path alone.
Let Him Heal your heart.
Remember every promise He has made.
Reach into your soul and forsake a life of sin and
He will shine that light inside again.
Let Him help you start to live again
and feel His endless love.
Let Him hold and teach you--
love and reach you.
Let Him heal your heart.

There's no simple challenge.
Every road is not the same.
But every wrong decision is forgotten if you change.
Feel His warmth surround you.
See His arms are open wide.
Know that He stands ready when you start to change your life.
Never doubt His goodness.
Don't believe that it's too late.
He sees your every struggle and he knows the trials you face.

Follow and believe Him.
Put your trust in Him again.
Change your heart forever.
Let the miracle begin.
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