Take Me Home Lyrics

Verse 1
Maybe we're standing on the threshold
With our eyes open wide
Let the river keep on flowing
We can reach the other side
Verse 2
Caught in this endless revolution
Under helicopter skies
To lose becomes unthinkable
And to win is the only road now

There's a bridge over the water
I can see it like a rainbow
If you love me I'll be waiting
Take me home to the other side
Verse 3
All the men and all the women
Who sacrifice their love
Never taste what we took for granted
No they don't know love at all

Some of them broken some of them wounded
And so cynical from the pain
I was quiet as a grave yard
Till you heard me caling out your name

Life was victorious
Now it can't be denied
We'll stand together
Cause love is on our side

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