Theme From Papillon Lyrics

(H. Shaper / J. Goldsmith)
Engelbert Humperdinck
Yesterday's world is a dream like a river
that runs through my mind
Made of fields and the white pebbled stream
that I knew as a child
b***erfly wings in the sun
taught me all that I needed to see
For they sang sang to my heart
oh look at me look at me
Free as the wind free as the wind
that is the way you should be.
Love was the dream of my life
And I gave it the best I knew how
So it always brings tears to my eyes
when I think of it now
Gone like the b***erfly days
And the boy that I once used to be
But my heart still hears a voice
Telling me look , look and you will see
There's no regret that I feel
For the bitter sweet taste of it all
If you love there's a chance you may fly
If you fall, well you fall
Rather the b***erfly life
To have lived for a day and been free

For my heart still hears a voice
Telling me look and you will see
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