Easthaven in Peace Lyrics

Icewind Dale II (bonus disc) (2002)
[data track] Choose Your Hero Arrival at the Docks Skeleton of a Town Palisades Under Siege The Goblin Hordes The Shaengarne Sherincal of the Chimera Limha's Secret The Fellwood Return to Kuldahar Battle of the Heartstone Return to Dragon's Eye The Severed Hand Showdown With the Twins The Town of Lonelywood Barbarian Battle Isle of the Dead Tormented Spirits of the Barrows The Edge of the Gloomfrost Dragon Battle Heart of Winter Theme Icewind Dale Theme [untitled] [untitled] Easthaven in Peace Easthaven in Pieces Kuldahar Theme [untitled] [untitled] [untitled] The Dragon's Eye Severed Hand Interior Upper Dorn's Deep Interior Drow & Orog Gate Umber Hulk Labyrinth Vale of Shadows Aquarium of Alkonos Frost Giant Cave Lower Dorn's Deep Svirfneblin Refugee Camp Marketh's Palace The Fallen Temple