Hatin' On Me Lyrics

Hi to the haterz
I'll see you later
Please don't step on the gatorz
Do me a favor
Just keep hatin on me...on me
Ok now, 5 4 3 3 2 1
We we got plenty....yall yall got none
You say you say u lookin for somebody hotter than the sun
You prolly prolly like ne-yo but shawty I'm the one
I, I o u nawl u o me
Yall pop champagne....lets pop 3
Tryna get my bills up like ___
So girl you kno I I'm not free

No one ever thought up in the streets that I could hold it down
Talkin that sh*t while I bring that heat and now I hold the crown
Even with all this weight on me couldnt bring me down
Go ahead and keep hatin on me
So I can wave

5 4 3 3 2 1
We we takin over FE FI FO FUM
Yo kno I kno I got ur speakers bangin bangin out ur trunk
This drank that I've been drankin got me feelin kinda shhh
I'm tipsy....Yall miss me
And they hatin cuz I've been around the world like disney
Really...straight from the
And Cant nobody stop me now now now now



Yo that be ur girl thats jockin me
Yo the bass in the drum thats knockin me
Anywhere u go they watchin me
Cuz I'm fly as a birthday flockin me
U hot no property
And I got monopoly
And I can stack it up
While she can back it up
And nobody in the streets is stoppin me
U see the shoes and the whip
With the chrome on the lip
They Hate
Or maybe its the glare from lice on kit or the ice on my wrist
????????...But I don't see why they hate
Can u see why they HATE
I ain't gonna lie, they make u wanna run and tell somebody

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