Crazy Lyrics

Take your aftershave
Take your reaves
Take your clothes
Just take all of your things
Move your flash car,
It's wasting my s***e
Now take your cell phone,
Get out of my place
You think I'm crazy
Well then I'm maybe
Boy you're not welcome here
And if I'm crazy,
You made me crazy
So, boy you're not welcome here
Don't like problems
I, don't like stress,
Don't like to argue,
Life's easy finesse
You think it's clever
To play all these games,
Well say goodbye,
Cause, the rules have just changed

I've got brains, and,
A hot attitude
I'm not stupid,
I leave that to you
Don't think you counted on me being strong
But I'm calling time now,
You just run along

I'm too perceptive,
I'm too perceptive
Boy, I'm not that kind of girl
Go find another,
Go sleep with another
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