Life Ain't a Game Lyrics

[Chorus x2]
Life ain't a game (nooooo)
If you feelin me (say yeah-yea)
Flip the bird where (in the aiiir)
f*** the world (we don't caaare)
[Ja Rule]
It's time to ride out
n***** stash your cash at the hideout
The Murderous I-N-C's en route
(Y'all hear me) feelin my s*** the same
(Y'all fear me) in every difinitive way
(I'm really) the n**** that you need to get with
Cuz y'all pop s*** n****, I pop clips n****
Hot, but not the black four-dot-six n****
You know the Rule, thug heart n****
And I don't need no fake friends, broke ties, loose ends
There they go n***** is at it again
Tryin to befriend the n**** that they claim they love, but hate so much
And really all we got is us
But f*** it, it's the same way they f***** me
Now I'm f***** your broad in the back of a Humvee, go figure
I'll have your n***** pourin out liqour
All because you f***** with the Rule n****

[Chorus x2]

[Ja Rule]
Take my life, take my mind
Take my heart, take my soul
Take my cash, take it all
But save me
I'm throwing my life away
[Ja Rule]
Why, would a n**** with so much talent
Want to throw it all away to drugs and violence
I know not the answers but I ask the questions
Do all Muslims really study their leasons?
And how many Christians lie during confessions?
I know I did when I was just a kid
Never told about the guns my uncle hid
Under my bed, and at night I played with them
Kind of grew up to be sort of a loose cannon
Before my sins, I'm asking you to let me in
Lord help me, I been through all the pain
Now I wanna know who loves me
[Chorus x2]

[Ja Rule]
Changes, changes
My mind is going through
Changes, changes
My body's going through
Changes, changes
My life is going through
Changes, changes

[Ja Rule]
Yo, looky here
I just wanna f*** all day, live my life
Get high all day, my life
Maybe one day, I'll live right
f*** the world, it's my life

[Chorus x4]
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