Goodbye Lyrics

(Goodbye, goodbye)

I'm speaking from the heart, no shame
Since you up and left it has never been the same
Why would I lie, you never realize
That when I'm in your presence you would give me b***erflies
Remember talking till 4 in the morning
I would ask you if you're tired you said no with yawning
The next day, same thing
Oh why did you have to go away

And I just thought that you should know
You are always on my mind
And I can never let you go, not even if I try
And I can fill the deepest valleys with all the tears I cry
And I never wanna have to say (goodbye, goodbye)
If you could see how my heart cries
'Cause I never wanna say goodbye
I can't let go even if I try
I don't wanna say (goodbye, goodbye)
Baby girl if you're listening to this
I made a little list with all the little things I miss
Your long hair, beauty eyes, super model lips
When you give my hand a squeeze every time that we kiss
When we watching television
Just a couple of the things I sit on reminiscing
And I will start to cry every time that you will cross my mind

And I just want another chance
Forget about everything and just give me back romance
I love the way you move, I love the way you walk
The way your eyes close when you smile and you talk

And just the thought of me without you drives me insane
And It'll never be the same if I ever said (goodbye, goodbye)

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