Keep Moving Lyrics

There are traces of the people
And the faces I have known
As the bus stops at the building
The place that I called home
Thought I'd left forever
Never thought that I'd return
But everyday I make my way I guess I never learn
I never meant to hurt you
No matter what I said
I never did desert you
You were still inside my head
The earth will keep on turning
The sun will always rise
Don't know why it seems like I am always so surprised

I can't sleep at night
Life is black and white
And all I can do
In a world without you
Is keep moving, keep moving

I'm living but I'm nowhere
Wondering what to do
I know that I am someone
But I can't remember who
Words are never simple and looking back in time
Has only shown me what I know
There's nothing left that's mine
Staring at the skyline
The light is almost through
It's going out of focus
It's breaking me in two
So I leave again like always
And Itry to find my way
It'll be a while but I know
I'll Becoming back someday
I can't sleep at nightLife
is black and whiteAnd all I can doIn a world without
youIs keep moving
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