Black Oblivion Lyrics

ou ask me why
I'll tell you die
My head is full of lies
And I am beyond high
You don't know just what I'm waiting for
Acid burns my skull as blind as snow
Black oblivion drags me ever towards
I dream tomorrow till tomorrow is nevermore

Voices tell me strike the match and burn it all to hell
Voices tell me I could watch if I promise not to tell
You don't know just where I want to go
The cross won't save you from your fallen soul
Drive slow motion firewall
Candy apple fuse
Emotions are unattached as demons are amused

Family spins the circle
Nerves are growing cold
Shotgun to the temple
Nausea down below
No more talking backwards
Or fists to the heart
Blacklight tries to capture
One more superstar
No more lines to cross
No more lines, I'm lost
No more lines, I'm lost

You don't know just where I want to go
Acid burns a hole right through my soul
Black oblivion, my long lost friend
Lord forgive me for I have sinned
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