Ghetto Rainbows Lyrics

How the f*** could this be? up in the sky? there is a rainbow over the hood! See we got homes abandon fires flare, don't dare walk down over there, hookers, pimps oxi80′s trailer park meth labs, crack babies. In the spot workin' cook up, walk outside, take a look up! It's a Rainbow over the city, look back down aroun' you, s*****! Gosh, just heard trailers are lurkin', yet still i hear the birds are chirpin', this world ain't meant for this, so much bliss but easy to miss, Rubbers on the sidewalk, used syringes, Stuck in a hotel 2 week b******, look high to remind you even if your lost rainbows will find you!

Chorus X4
Built with aids, pepsi, c**e i ain't talkin' pepsi, cracksmoke all in the rain, down the drain moms in pain need that boy in her veins it's so hard so many distractions, so much negative action keeps your attention placed, off the magic, and on the waste! If you see a rainbow look quick potholes will wreck yo s***! Don't get caught dreamin' i hope, your head might get locked in the scope! If your standin' there lookin' at a rainbow, you might wonder, where'd your brains go? For everyone that wanna see you succeed a hundred mo' wanna see you bleed!
Chorus X2

Cars on blocks, Shriveled up rose, skys above our windows, body in an alley wit blew out brains, there'll still be a rainbow after it rains! Rainbows don't hate or discriminate, its mankinds fate to create mistakes, just look at the skys above the gutta' above the warzones above eachother! Rainbows stretch over lands of ruin, where troubles brewin' whatever we doin' don't live blind a sheep in line find it save the best of yo' time! G codes street codes rules i drop, i only get this one chance i won't drop, its more than i got imma find the pot at the end of the rainbow like it or not, im not gonna rot, stop on the block, shot by a cop in the parkin' lot, when my feet stop least iv'e gave it a shot no regrets when my death goes pop!
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