Precious Dark Lyrics

There's a place I don't want you to know of
Hidden deep in a blindfolded heart
Where the desperate walk in silence
Waiting for the ghosts to depart
There's a game I don't want you to know of
Masquerade, Cirque de D├Ęcadence
A p*** in an empty chessboard
Moved around by a hand of a fool

Never played it safe
It's a wicked game
Any hand, any call, I'm in

It said: "Love like you've never been hurt
And dance till dawn like you've just been born
A perfect toy made by perfect tools
Playing Ring Around the Rosie with a crowd of fools
Take a hold of my hand, I have sights to show you
Gingerbread house, Pleasure Island, Big Blue
Turn off the light, close your eyes wide shut
And welcome the precious dark"
I have seen far, I've never seen close
There are no mirrors on my wall
Silent is the call of my ocean
And the sirens washed ashore
All the sins they have long shadows
Turn the switch and the past comes alive
Live and learn, 1,2,3, know your ABC
It's their answer to every "why"
There was always a place that you knew of
You were holding the keys all along
There was always a game that you knew of
Now you're one of them washed ashore
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