Morphing Into Primal Lyrics

Fireworks and alchemy
Genes spliced and triggered
Into the future and her organic cave
Seismorgasmic omnipotence
Scenes of magma in my eyes
Eruption stones my system

I owe this to the animal inside
And the stiffness that blocks out the daylight
Morphing into primal
I'll cover every particle from there to Andromeda
Not forgetting a single location
From the throat of Ibis to the co-ordinate of Matterhorn

My shot is genesis and catharsis
Penetratonaut in a cosmology of l***

Suck this subterranean creature out
And show it proudly to the house of heaven
With one slight wave of my hand star dissolves
Dissolve my brain
Block my lungs
I'll die from fever tomorrow
When locked in synch a perfected "now"
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