Iggy SZN Lyrics

(Hey hey, wait, could you hold on, hold on...)

Everywhere I go they say it's Iggy Season
'Til I get what I want, baby I ain't leavin'
Everytime I go out everybody wanna show out
I just see a girl in the mirror, told her: "you the reason"
Simmer down b****, it's Iggy Season
Simmer down b****, it's Iggy Season
I ain't worried 'bout s***, it's Iggy Season
Bad b****** scream YAAAAAASSSSSSSS
It's Iggy Season

[Verse 1]
Every man needs some Azalea
You want it, you do what I tell ya
You play on my team and get a ring back
You don't, you gon' end up a failure
I look like a fantasy, your wifey mad at me
Just cause hubby is a fan of me, you understandin' me?
So skip the talkin' baby, we too busy ballin' baby
Pedal to the metal and my engine never stallin' baby
b****** gon' hate, while the critics critique
I pay them no mind whenever they speak
What they make a year, I can make in a week
I know you can't stand it, just get you a seat
See the sky be the limit when you dealin' with me
I'm stuntin' this hard, and I ain't even reached my peak
I just get money to spend it, let the cycle repeat
I'm feelin' like I got this world on my feet
Hm, Iggz

(Go Iggy, go Iggy
Go Iggy, go Iggy

[Verse 2]
You ain't down to make a purchase, tell me what's your purpose?
Go out and play somewhere, the grown folks busy workin'
Iggy independent with it, they know that for certain
You be on the internet, thirsty, prolly worse in person
Down payment for a car, I dropped that on a Birkin
You don't sit in VIP 'cause you ain't no important person
Money wrapped around my mind like a turban
Iggy got them pop t****** but that a** on that urban
If I told you what I'm worth, you would throw up
So have my money on time 'fore I show up
I'm drinking PJ on a PJ in my PJs
Thinking money 25/8, no free days
If your girl dumb body, I recruit them
They ask me who you do it for, me say they youth dem
d*** right, I like the life I live
Who else you know that slay like Iggz
You little b****

Drop down on 'em, bring 'em back up
Iggy Igg in the building, call for backup
See I don't want nothing but them stacks
So if you see a bad b****, point her out, where she at doe?
Now clap, clap, clap, clap it on 'em
Now clap, clap, clap, clap it on 'em
So we don't wanna never turn down
So go ahead and get ratchet on

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